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43 years of property experience.

Property Sales, Property Surveys, Snagging Surveys.

The owner has more than 45 years experience dealing with property matters, with 23 of those years in southern Spain.

With a Chartered Institute of Building qualification, he has been involved in the sale and surveying of property throughout his professional career. He can offer you a reliable, honest service in whichever area he can help.

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Honesty and Truth

Why would you expect less?

We´ve all heard the horror stories of property purchases in Spain that went wrong. I am proud to say that I can meet each and every person who purchased a property with my intervention without any remorse or ill-feeling being shown by them.

How many salespersons can say that?

Quality Control

Why it pays.

You save time, money and effort when things are carried out properly. That´s why having professionalism work for you always pays off.

Our SURVEY reports are amongst the best value, with comprehensive extras that can´t be beaten. Like layout plans, measurements and life-style comments.

Energy Performance


A new law to conserve energy usage, brought into Spain in line with the Kyoto agreement, and applicable as from 1st June 2013, will require some properties to have an Energy Performance Certificate. Note that, if your property is used for less than 4 months a year, then this requirement would appear (at the moment, clarification being sought) not to apply.

Mortgage Rates

The future?

The Bank of England announced the first increase in interest rates for 10 (TEN) years, to 0.5% (August 2017).

Be warned: an Interest rate rise is very likely in 2018 also.

The European Central bank lowered rates to 0.15% on 4th June 2014, an Historic Low, and have kept them there ever since.

Sales Slightly Up, More Interest

Although there appears to be more interest (based on the historically low points in the last 3 years), we are hoping that the house price bubble in UK (mainly in the London and South-East areas) does not cause problems in the future.

Far too many apartments have been built during the previous Spanish housing bubble, exceeding demand by 100%.

Fingers crossed!!