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Snagging Lists and Hand-Over Reports

A snagging survey identifies problems with newly built Spanish properties immediately after delivery. In Spain, property buyers have 15 days after signing the deeds for a new property to report differences between what they thought they were buying 'off plan' and what they find when they receive the keys. If discovered later, it can be more difficult to get things replaced. This is especially true if the final signing is being carried out by someone else with the power of attorney, it is always best to have the property inspected in detail by an independent professional and faults and omissions formally recorded.

Builders' liabilities: New built properties are subject to four continuing liability timetables.

First 15 days - The 'snagging' period, where defects are noted and the builder has to repair within 28 days. Major alterations or omissions from the agreed specification can result in the buyer being able to withdraw from the contract and receive refund and compensation.

First year - the builder is generally liable for all defects reported within this time.

Next two years - the builder is still responsible for repairing major defects that affect proper enjoyment of the property, such as defective roofs, ill-fitting doors and windows, etc.

First 10 years - the builder is obliged by law to take out "seguro decenal", which is a 10-year insurance policy that guarantees the costs of reinstatement in the event of failure of the structure of the building.

Inspection Timetable - As the timetables are strict, buyers are strongly advised to note the appropriate anniversaries applicable to these responsibilities and have their building inspected a short while before the end date. That way, any defects found can be registered with the builder before their liability period ceases.

We provide a report on the outstanding items in the construction of your new home, with digital photographs of defective items, plus Liaison with your lawyer and up to 2 site visits with constructor.

Our Fees are:

House Value To Cost
100.000 €280 €
200.000 € 375 €
350.000 €500 €
500.000 €950 €
500.000+ €1.450 €
1.250.000+ €2.250 €
Over 1.250.000 €by arrangement.

50% of the relevant cost will be payable in advance and the remainder payable on completion of report, before delivery.

The Final Visit, (payment for which is already included in the two stated visits), will take place after the builder has stated that works are complete. Any other intermediate visits, over and above the first 2 visits with the builder, will be charged at: 40 € per hour, for the first hour or part thereof, of each visit, (displacement counted from La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa), and 30 € per hour for each subsequent hour or part thereof, of each visit thereafter. All prices include transport and initial visit displacement costs up to 50km return journey. Mileage will be charged over and above this at 0.40€ per km. All prices plus IVA at 16%.


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