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Virtually all of my professional career in U.K. (25 years) and 23 years in Spain, comprised of survey inspecting properties and preparing reports thereon, for adaptations, repairs, improvements, etc.

This meant having a keen eye and a large amount of building construction knowledge and practice, dealing with Architects, builders, owners, Town Halls, etc.

Things are not really that different here in Spain, and the old-style form of avoiding issues is slowly disappearing.

However, it is easy to leave your brain on the plane, so our comprehensive survey reports shatter unreachable dreams, and provide a restored hope that you can really, truly find that "dream" property to suit your needs.

If you intend to purchase a property, or have a property with problems that need resolving, we can offer the following survey services :

1. General Survey & Report for purchase, or for Disabled Persons adaptations of property.


2. RICS Building Survey Fees.

This latter service is sub-contracted to a Full Professional Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, who lives and practices in Spain.


3.Snagging / Hand Over Surveys.

A report on the outstanding items to be completed / repaired at your new or adapted property.


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